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Wire Braiding Machine
Wire Braiding Machine

B & B offers Wire Braiding Machine, horizontal as well as vertical wire braiding machines. Horizontal wire braiding machines are designed to braid high tensile steel wire braiding on hose pipes. You can use these machines for yarn braiding on pipes which are not easily bendable. Typically used for over braiding thermoplastic and rubber hose or plastic tubing for textile reinforced hose. The number of carrier options varies from 12 to 128. This variety leads to the maypole machine being used in niche wire applications where a rotary braiding machine is not suitable.

Vertical wire braiding machines are able to braid “soft metals” which are ductile and pliable. Typical metals that can be braided are tinned copper, stainless steel, high performance alloys, nitinol, gold and silver. The number of carrier options varies from 12 to 128. The machine can be synchronized for production line.


  • Vertical Axis, Vertical carriers.
  • Heat treated braided plate and track .
  • Heat treated horn gears and horn plate.
  • Overload motor protection.
  • Line forward/ reverse jog.
  • Automatic machine shut off for broken end, empty bobbin.
  • AC motor with frequency converter for speed adjustment.

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Consult B & B with details of your own specific requirements.

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