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Yarn Coating Machine
Yarn Coating Machine

Yarn Coating Machine is custom make designed. It is used for coating yarns (i.e. aramide, ceramic, asbestoses) with solution (graphite, PTFE etc.). Yarns pass through four stages. First stage is to unwind the yarns directly from spool. Second stage is to pass the yarns through tank for coating it with solution. In third stage they pass through heater chamber for drying & removing excess moisture. Last stage is to wind dried yarns on specially designed bobbins.

B & B machine offers any custom make design and automation in this machine.


  • Simple design to coat, dry and wind the yarn.
  • Creel Stand having individual tension device for spool Mounting.
  • Solution tank with rubber roll for coating the yarn.
  • Squeezing roll to squeeze excess material from the yarn.
  • Heater chamber for drying the yarn.
  • Frequency drive for running the machine at variable speed.
  • Winding mechanism synchronized with the main drive

           Download Brochure (Size: 79 KB)

Consult B & B with details of your own specific requirements.

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