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2-Track Braiding Machine
2 Track Braiding Machine

B & B offers wide range of packing braiding machines for producing rope perfect sq. section. B & B packing braiding machines are capable of braiding a range of fibers from natural fibers such as cotton to kevlar to glass fiber. The spring loaded carrier with bigger size of bobbin is specially designed for holding large volume packages to produce long continuous runs for easier downstream processing.


  • Available from 8 carriers braider to 16 carriers braider for producing 3mm to 30 mm sq. rope.
  • Vertical Axis, inverted carriers.
  • Heat treated braided plate and track.
  • Heat treated horn gears and horn plate.
  • Overload motor protection.
  • Line forward/ reverse jog.
  • Automatic machine shut off for broken end, empty bobbin.
  • Integrating sound proofing enclosure.
  • AC motor with frequency converter for speed adjustment.

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Consult B & B with details of your own specific requirements.

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